Exterior Drainage Solutions Help to Make Dry South Dakota Basements

What Components Make Up Exterior Drainage?

The exterior drainage system is the home’s first line of defense against a wet basement. This system works together with the sump pump and the interior drainage system to keep water away from the home. If your exterior drainage system is in need of repairs or upgrades, contact the basement waterproofing professionals at Rapid Foundation Repair immediately.

Interior Drainage Systems for South Dakota Homes

There are many different components to the exterior drainage system. The first of these components is a waterproofing membrane, which is a durable combination of asphalt and rubber that is applied to the inside of the foundation wall. This membrane can be applied with a roller or as a spray; it acts as a barrier to seal out water.

The next part of the exterior drainage system is the drainage board. These sheet drains, covered with dimples on one side to ensure space between the board and the membrane on the wall, are commonly used for one sided waterproofing. They serve to help keep water from penetrating the wall and to help the  membrane on the wall. Water that may find its way to the wall can trickle down the board to the drain pipes at the base of the foundation walls.

The drain pipes are the last part of the exterior drainage system. These perforated pipes are installed along the base of the foundation walls to catch water that runs down the wall between the drainage board and the membrane on the wall.  The pipes collect the water and let it drain into the ground away from the foundation to prevent it from entering the basement and causing further issues for your home’s foundation.  When used along with an interior drainage system and sump pump system, the exterior drainage system can help keep your basement dry and safe.

 South Dakota Can see It’s Share of Wet Basements

One of the main causes of wet basements is surface water pooling around the foundation. The more water that is allowed to collect around your home’s foundation, the more water that may be allowed to seep into the basement through wall cracks and weak spots in the foundation. Water pooling around your foundation is often the result of a poor surface drainage system. If your gutters are improperly tilted, if the downspouts do not extend far away enough from the foundation, or if the ground around your home is not adequately sloped to allow water to flow away from the foundation, water may begin to collect and pool around your home.

Another cause of wet basements may be abrupt or extreme changes in the weather. Any time that there is a major storm or excessive amount of rain in your area, the ground becomes more saturated with water than usual. This could possibly result in basement leakage and flooding. rainstorms immediately following long dry spells are also dangerous. When there are dry, drought-like conditions, the soil tends to dry out and shrink. This soil shrinkage leads to spaces and voids being formed in the ground around your foundation. When it finally rains, these spaces are filled with water, surrounding the ground around your foundation with large deposits of water that could seep through the concrete or leak through cracks. Due to the particularly dry climate of South Dakota, this is a definite danger for homeowners in the state.

Rapid Foundation Exterior Drainage Systems Can Help

Exterior drainage systems from Rapid Foundation Repair can help you prevent a wet basement or damp crawlspace. Our premiere drainage solutions include a variety of products and methods.

  • Polymer waterproofing coating: This is applied to the foundation wall to prevent water from seeping through the porous concrete. It is a durable and effective solution to protect your foundation walls.
  • Dimple board: This drainage board is used to cover the waterproof coating on the concrete, protecting it and allowing better downward flow for the water around the foundation.
  • Drain pipes: The drain pipe system is installed along the base of the foundation walls. The pipes collect water that runs down the drainage board and re-route it away from the foundation.

Our waterproofing products come from ECP (Earth Contact Products), one of the leading suppliers of basement waterproofing and foundation repair products. With the combination of these superior exterior drainage products and the expertise of the Rapid Foundation Repair team, your basement is sure to be dry in no time.

Here at Rapid, we serve customers in the western South Dakota cities, including Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Belle, Fourche, Chamberlain, and more. We also service cities in the surrounding states of Wyoming and Nebraska, including Casper, WY; and Chadron, NE. If you live in the western South Dakota area and are in need of exterior drainage services, contact the basement waterproofing experts at Rapid Foundation Repair today. We have the solutions to prevent a wet basement or crawlspace.