Poly Concrete Lifting

Poly Concrete Lifting

Is your driveway cracked and uneven? Think that you need to replace your settling patio? Avoid replacing your patio or driveway and save money by utilizing polyurethane concrete lifting. Poly concrete leveling is a fast, stable, and effective way to resolve cracked, uneven, and sloping concrete. If you have trip hazards on your property, it’s time to take care of them with poly concrete lifting.

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What Poly Concrete Lifting Can Be Used On

Most of your standard types of concrete slabs can be lifted and leveled using polyurethane foam. These include

  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Pool Decks
  • Air Conditioner or Garbage Bin Pads

If you have a question about whether poly concrete lifting would be right for your concrete slab, contact us and our experienced concrete leveling technicians will offer their advice.

How Does it Work?

Small holes are drilled into the concrete, and the polyurethane material is put into those holes and expands in the area below. This will then raise the slab and lift it into place to be even with the rest. It expands rapidly and dries almost as quickly. It is a fast, effective, and wallet-friendly way to resolve issues with your concrete.

There’s no need to tear out the whole patio, driveway, or sidewalk. The time from beginning to end with mudjacking is quite a process. If you are using mudjacking to fix concrete at your home then you are going to need to prepare to have your day disrupted. With polyurethane concrete raising, like mention above, is a much quicker and less invasive way to fix your concrete.

Poly Concrete Lifting vs. Mudjacking

Mudjacking used to be the main way to lift and level concrete, and it does work well. However, there are some benefits to using poly concrete leveling over mudjacking. Polyurethane is much less invasive.

It uses a few, small holes drilled into the concrete. These can easily be filled and covered up as opposed to mudjacking which uses much larger holes due to the nature of the product.

Additionally, the equipment used for poly concrete leveling is not as heavy and won’t damage your property.

Poly concrete leveling is also dry faster and can be used faster than mudjacking. The setting and drying time of poly concrete leveling is significantly quicker than for mudjacking. With great differences in the time it takes to settle, you will be able to use whatever is being lifted much sooner than if it had been lifted with mudjacking.

Lastly, poly concrete leveling lasts a long time and mudjacking will usually need to be redone in several years just because it is a mud slurry.

Need Poly Concrete Lifting? Call Rapid

Rapid Foundation Repair can provide you with an estimate and get started on lifting your concrete slab right away. Call us today to schedule an estimate. We serve much of South Dakota along with portions of Wyoming and Nebraska. Whether you are looking for concrete leveling in Rapid City or Pierre, South Dakota, Casper or Gillette, Wyoming or the various other cities in our service area, give us a call today.