5 Advantages of Leveling Your Patio With Polyurethane Foam

5 Advantages of Leveling Your Patio With Polyurethane Foam

Concrete is heavy, and if you have a concrete patio, that is certainly no exception. Whether it be because of soil that wasn’t properly compacted, subsurface voids giving way or erosion, there is a good chance that your patio slab will begin to settle at some point during its lifetime.

When that starts to happen, you have three main choices. First, you could simply ignore the sinking concrete and hope that the problems don’t get worse. Second, you could rip out your whole patio slab and have it repoured. Finally, you could use concrete leveling to restore the slab to its original height and grading.

Reasons to Choose Poly Concrete Leveling

5 Advantages of Leveling Your Patio With Polyurethane Foam1. It Can Eliminate Tripping Hazards

When concrete sinks and settles, it rarely does so evenly. That means that there is a good chance that either significant elevation changes between adjacent slabs or slab cracks that include elevation changes could develop.

If you rarely use your patio, perhaps this won’t matter as much. If you use it for entertaining or have an active family that is often running across it, these cracks can pose a substantial tripping hazard.

2. Concrete Leveling can Prevent Drainage Problems

Ideally, in order to facilitate drainage and prevent water from damaging your basement or foundation, a patio should be sloped to carry water away from your home and its foundation.

If the patio settles in such away that the drainage flow is reversed, however, you suddenly have water problems. Water flowing back toward your home can lead to anything from erosion to soil swelling to bowing and cracking basement walls if the hydrostatic pressure against them gets to be too much. And, of course, there is a chance that some of that water finds its way into your basement.

By returning the concrete to its original grading, you can help prevent these water problems.

3. Leveling Keeps Your Patio from becoming an Eyesore

Sinking concrete, especially unevenly sinking concrete, is going to stress the slab. And as that stress increases, cracks are going to form.

If your patio is frequently used for entertaining, there is a good chance that you take pride in how it looks. There is, however, nothing aesthetically pleasing about a patio that is acquiring cracks that are increasing in both size and number.

While concrete leveling doesn’t fix the cracks in the concrete, it does both minimize their appearance and prevent additional ones from forming. And if you do opt for concrete crack repair, having the slab be level (including the cracks) will facilitate a fix.

4. Lengthens the Lifespan of Your Concrete Patiopoly concrete lifting

One of the goals of concrete lifting is to avoid replacing the slab altogether. Now if the cracking has become crumbling, the patio might need to be replaced. If you catch it in time, however, you can avoid the far more costly process of replacing the patio slab by removing cause of the cracking in the first place.

One note: If you do end up needing to replace the concrete, make sure that the cause of the settling is found and fixed before the new concrete is poured. Otherwise you will soon end up in the same boat.

5. Polyurethane Foam Offers the Best Concrete Leveling Solution

Polyurethane foam provides several key advantages over the more well-known mudjacking.

First, the holes needed to inject the polyurethane are significantly smaller and therefore far more easily patched than those needed for mudjacking. The injectors for polyjacking (another name for polyurethane foam lifting) are usually about .3 square inches. Those needed for mudjacking range from about 3 to almost 25 times as large.

The equipment used is also smaller and lighter, meaning less disruption to your yard.

Polyjacking is also the longer lasting solution. While the cement slurry usually used in mudjacking will break down over time, the polyurethane foam used in polyjacking is impervious to both water and chemicals.

Once it hardens underground, nothing in the soil will weaken it.

Read more on the benefits of polyjacking over mudjacking.

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