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Helical Wall Tiebacks and Anchors

for South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska

Helical Wall Tiebacks / Anchors are a mechanical anchoring system that is used for temporary, as well as permanent, soil retention. This system is considered quick and cost-effective. The capacity of these anchors can be as high as 200,000 pounds per anchor. Tiebacks work by attaching one end to the wall and one to a solid object driven into the ground. Too much soil pressure on your foundation walls can cause bowed or leaning walls, which in turn threaten to collapse. Helical wall tiebacks and anchors can decrease this pressure on your walls and keep your home stable.

How Are They Installed?

helical wall tiebacks, Foundation Repair South Dakota

Helical tieback anchors are installed into the retained soil with hydraulic rotary drilling equipment. Once installed, the anchors are tested for strength. After applying tension to the tiebacks, they are tested again. With no grout or curing time needed, this system saves both time and money.

What Are The Advantages?

Helical wall tiebacks and anchors offer numerous advantages for you as a homeowner. The system maximizes flexibility with changing soil conditions, lowering the risk of your foundation cracking as the soil settles. Installers are also able to test immediately for load capacity. There are no excavation messes or spoils to remove, meaning your home and yard will stay clean after we’ve finished our installations. Moreover, the simplicity of this system minimizes labor costs, ensuring that you’re getting the best deal for your installation.

Cumbersome concrete trucks and grout pumps aren’t necessary, and helical tiebacks and anchors can be installed in any weather situation. And, if for any reason you need these anchors removed, the removal job is easy and the tiebacks can be stored for future projects.

The professionals at Rapid Foundation Repair can easily inspect your faulty foundation to determine if helical wall tiebacks/anchors are the correct solutions for the problem. Call us today to schedule your estimate. For all your foundation repair needs give us a call!