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Sump Pits for South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska

Quality Waterproofing Services by Rapid Foundation RepairDiagram of a Sump Pump, showing the basement floor, vapor barrier, water channel, and cold joint

A high-quality sump pit will affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the sump pump system in your home. We offer a quality sealed pit in a unique bell shape that serves an essential purpose. The bell shape of the sump pit allows a more significant amount of water to gather at the inlet of the sump pump system. Because of this design, the sump pump will run 40% less often, leading to a more efficient system. These features increase the life of the sump pump system. The basin will also need to be large enough to easily add an extra sump pump or battery backup system sump pump. The sump pit and waterproofing products we use are the best in the industry, made by Earth Contact Products (ECP).

Sump Pits in Wyoming, Nebraska, and South Dakota

You may notice that some sump pump basins have perforated holes around the perimeter, and some do not. The design of the entire waterproofing system will determine whether or not perforations are needed. In clay soil, the perforations will help remove water from under the slab. If the soil is sandy, these perforations can cause clogging of the sump pump system.

A quality lid is a safety feature. Pets and children need to be protected from falling into the pit. An airtight lid will also prevent moisture and soil gases from migrating throughout the home’s living space. The purpose of the system is to remove water from the house, so a sealed sump pump lid is necessary. Our lids are see-through, so the homeowner can look in to see if everything is functioning correctly. The lid has a gasket seal surrounding the perimeter, which helps fight against noise and prevents moisture from entering the living space.

If you have basement water problems, you will be happy with a sealed sump pump basin or pit. A quality basin and a battery backup system will ensure dryness and worry-free living in your home. Contact the experts at Rapid Foundation Repair for your sump pit needs in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska.