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Garage Foundation Problems in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska

Rapid Foundation Repair Fixes Common Problems

Your home is not the only structure that can suffer from foundation problems; your garage can also suffer. Garages are prone to foundation settlement, sinking, and foundation cracks because they are usually built on concrete slab foundations. For homeowners with attached garages, foundation problems in the garage are an even greater concern, as they can damage the entire home.

Because foundation problems can escalate rather quickly, it is important to take note of any telltale signs that your garage requires professional foundation repair and to contact Rapid Foundation Repair accordingly. The most common signs include:

  • Floor cracks and wall cracks: Cracks in the floor or walls of your garage, especially above windows and doors, are good indicators that the foundation has begun to shift or settle. As a result of stress, the soil shifts beneath the foundation, and the foundation can heave upward or sink.
  • Gaps and spaces: Stress from the garage’s foundation can manifest itself in gaps and spaces between the walls and floor or between the walls and the doors or windows.
  • Uneven or sloped floors: If you notice sloping or unevenness in the floors of your garage, it could be an indication that your foundation is settling or sinking. This can be caused by voids opening beneath the foundation or even by tree or plant roots exerting pressure on the foundation from underneath.
  • Bowed, leaning, or rotating walls: When garage walls begin to bow, lean, or even rotate outwards, it is a sign that the foundation is likely settling unevenly. The moisture content of the soil and compaction at the time of construction are significant factors in how evenly the foundation settles.
  • Misaligned windows: When garage windows become misaligned, they will begin to stick and become difficult to open and close. This is an indication that your foundation suffers from the settlement as a result of poor drainage or expanding soils.

Causes and Solutions for Garage Foundation Problems in South Dakota, Nebraska

Foundation problems such as sinking are usually rooted in the shifting or varying moisture content of the soil beneath the foundation. Following heavy rain, the soil becomes saturated and expands accordingly, exerting pressure on the foundation. Excessive water can also cause erosion, washing away soil and creating voids beneath the foundation. Although too much water is a prominent cause of foundation problems, dry conditions can also exacerbate foundation problems by forming voids from overly dry soil that is prone to shrinking and shifting.

Regardless of the cause of your garage’s foundation problems, Rapid Foundation Repair can implement various foundation repair solutions to restore strength and stability to your garage. If your garage suffers from a foundation problem, don’t hesitate to contact us today.