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Exterior Drainage and Waterproofing

for South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska

Quality Waterproofing by Rapid Foundation RepairPicture of a diagram showing a sheet drain, GEO Fabric, a clean wall, a wall with polymembrane, and a 4" perforated drain tile with filter sock. Exterior Drainage

Rapid Foundation Repair specializes in exterior drainage and exterior waterproofing.

We all assume that when our home was constructed, the contractor installed a perimeter drain system and that they waterproofed the walls. Often home builders only damp-proof the walls with a spray-on material that looks like waterproofing emulsion. However, it’s watered down and doesn’t wholly waterproof the basement.

Another problem is that home builders often install a corrugated pipe as a perimeter drain because the exterior excavation is not graded for proper drainage. The corrugated pipe system also includes plumber rock and backfill that contribute to an exterior waterproofing system that lasts only seven to ten years.

Proper Exterior Drainage Solutions for South Dakota, Wyoming

Water can enter your basement interior in several ways. Our first concern is water flow. If the path of least resistance flows into your basement, then that’s where the water will go. Concrete is a porous material, and as it sits in the water, it absorbs into the concrete until it becomes completely saturated. The damp concrete then disperses moisture and water vapor inside the home.

Vapor diffusion is similar to capillary action, except we deal with water vapor. Water vapor only needs the slightest opening to penetrate the structure and raise the humidity levels. This is called the stack effect. Your home draws air in from the bottom toward the top, and 40% of the air we breathe comes from the basement.

Exterior drainage provided by Rapid Foundation Repair services for South Dakota, Wyoming, and parts of Nebraska can provide solutions to the problems above and protect your home in the future.

Here at Rapid Foundation Repair, we offer professional exterior drainage solutions to ensure you have a dry home. Top-quality Earth Contact Products provide a durable solution for your wet basement needs. First, we clean your foundation walls and apply a polymer waterproofing product. Then this coating is covered with a dimple board that protects the sealed surface and allows better downward water flow. We then install a drain pipe system for continuous drainage. We also offer interior waterproofing for a complete waterproofing solution for your home.

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Let the experts at Rapid Foundation Repair in South Dakota assist you with your exterior drainage needs. Our services prevent wet basements and protect your home from water damage. Get a free quote from the local experts: Call us today!