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Crawl Space Repair in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska

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Crawl space repair, a service provided by Rapid Foundation Repair when you have a musty, damp, or humid basement and are starting to notice structural problems with your foundation. One of the first things we assess to determine if you need crawl space repair is the cause of the problem.

In homes with a crawl space foundation, piers beneath support beams support the home. These piers might be made of concrete or possibly wood. They will rest upon either shallow concrete pads or compacted soil.

As time passes, these piers shift in the soil because of fluctuation in soil moisture levels, or freezing and thawing. When these piers begin to sink, the floors of the home no longer have a stable foundation. You will begin to see sagging or slanted floors.

Crawl Space Repair Options for South DakotaPhoto of a Crawl Space Before and After Encapsulation

Obviously, to find a long-lasting solution to the sinking problem, it would make no sense to simply encapsulate the crawl space or to add more piers that will eventually sink again. For more than a temporary fix, we recommend a deep foundation support system using steel push piers system. We drive steel pier pipes down to a load-bearing soil, one well below soils affected by moisture.

This system will use the weight of the structure to drive the pier pipe to a load-bearing stratum. It then uses a unique manifold system where the structure is simultaneously lifted and locked into place, providing a solid, secure foundation once again.

Rapid Foundation Repair is your number one crawl space repair option in Rapid City and beyond, including much of South Dakota and parts of Wyoming and Nebraska. We’ll help you with any waterproofing or foundation repair you may need. If it’s crawl space repair you need, call us. We’ll help you fix your problems and prevent future issues in your crawl space.

South Dakota Crawl Space Encapsulation Solutions

humid crawlspace encapsulation south dakotaHomeowners often do not realize the importance of the crawl space and as a result, they tend to neglect proper crawl space care practices. Because the concrete that surrounds a crawl space is porous, there is always a chance that moisture vapor can find its way into the crawl space. If your crawl space does develop moisture problems, it could lead to water damage, wet insulation, dry rot, and mold.

The best way to waterproof your crawl space is to install a vapor barrier or crawl space encapsulation. A vapor barrier, or crawl space encapsulation, is a damp proofing material designed to keep moisture out of the crawl space. These barriers are usually made of some type of foil or plastic sheeting. They act as moisture retarders, preventing the diffusion of water vapor through the walls and floors. The vapor barrier is installed all along the interior of the crawl space to seal out moisture. The installation of a crawl space vapor barrier is a process normally referred to as vapor barrier encapsulation.

By installing a vapor barrier in your crawl space, you will ensure a dry, healthy environment throughout your entire home. In addition to keeping moisture and mold out of your crawl space, a vapor barrier will lower your home’s humidity. This means that your energy bills will go down, as your HVAC systems have to work significantly harder to regulate the temperature of humid air than they do to heat and cool drier air.

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Keep your home functioning efficiently with crawl space encapsulation services from the team at Rapid Foundation Repair. Rapid Foundation Repair will assess your situation, offer the best solution, and provide quality service to solve any problems. Call us today for your free estimate on your crawl space repair for your South Dakota, Nebraska, or Wyoming home.