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Why Crawl Space Encapsulation is Important

Most crawl spaces are havens for moisture and water. The problem is, that is also one of the most common causes of problems in your crawl space. The solution: crawl space encapsulation.

Crawl space encapsulation, sometimes combined with other waterproofing methods, can seal off your crawl space and prevent moisture damage.

Symptoms of Water in Your Crawl Space

The effects of too much moisture can wreak havoc on a crawl space — and through it the rest of your house — in a wide variety of ways.

Signs of crawl space moisture problems include:

  • Visible mold growth and mildew
  • Rotting wood
  • Cold floors above the crawl space
  • Rusty metal appliances
  • Insect and pest infestation
  • Standing or pooling water
  • Condensation

If the impact was only felt in the crawl space, it might just be an annoyance. They don’t, however.

Take wood rot. If your crawl space is humid enough where the floor joists above begin to rot, you will suddenly notice that your floors start sagging and feel spongy.

The mold spores also can find their way into your home and cause respiratory health problems.

The musty odors can also make their way from the crawl space into the rest of the home, as can any insects or rodents attracted to the dark, damp crawl space.

At Rapid Foundation Repair, we’ll show you how to keep moisture levels under control in your crawl space. If you notice a musty smell in your home or sagging floors, it could be caused by a wet crawl space. Our team of experts is trained to identify the warning signs of crawl space problems. We’ll look for the following issues:

wet, damp crawl space in South Dakota needs crawl space encapsulation

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

crawl space encapsulation cures wet crawl spaces in South DakotaThe key to preventing moisture problems is, obviously, to keep the moisture out of the crawl space to begin with. That is the point of crawl space encapsulation.

This method should be installed by a professional because it involves working in difficult conditions. We use specialized tools and materials to seal, insulate, and condition the air. There are important basic steps involved in the crawl space encapsulation process.

  1. Seal the crawl space vents and doors against moisture and outside elements
  2. Encapsulate the walls and floors of the crawl space with a durable vapor barrier
  3. A dehumidifier is installed to keep the area dry and free of trapped moisture

Contact Rapid Foundation Repair to Keep Your Crawl Space Dry

Contact Rapid Foundation Repair today if you need an estimate for crawl space encapsulation in South Dakota or Western Wyoming. We are a locally trusted waterproofing company with years of experience. Crawl space encapsulation not only promotes a safe, dry crawl space, but it also offers many benefits such as detracting pests, saving energy, improving structural integrity, reducing energy bills, insulating homes, improving indoor air quality, and controlling moisture and humidity.

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