Can Water Break My Foundation?

Can Water Break My Foundation?

With Spring just arriving and storms, rain, and snow melt are a common occurrence, the question “can water break my foundation” is a real concern.¬†

water can cause major problems for your foundation in South Dakota, Nebraska, and WyomingWhile standing water can cause a multitude of problems as Spring progresses, none of them can cost you more than foundation problems. When it rains, if you don’t have the proper drainage and grading around your home and foundation, water will find its way into your home. The concrete in your foundation is porous for one thing. The other thing is that a lot of water can build up around foundation walls causing something called “hydrostatic pressure” which can cause foundation walls to bow, lean, and eventually crack. It is one of the most common problems we see in our service area that includes South Dakota, Wyoming, and parts of Nebraska.

Ice, then Rain, Wreak Havoc on Foundations

We have talked in the past about how water can cause problems over the winter as well.

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Add the problems caused by the freezing and thawing of ice and the build up of water around your foundation in the Spring and you can have serious problems like:

Bowing Walls: Bowing walls can be fixed by plate anchors or carbon fiber, depending on the type of foundation walls you have as well as the severity of the problem

Wall Cracks: Seepage of water through cracks in foundation walls is a huge problem. Sealing these cracks is key, but finding a permanent solution to make sure the walls are stable may be something you need to consider.

Water in You Basement or Crawlspace: Thankfully, we offer waterproofing solutions that work in conjunction with our foundation repairs. If needed, we can recommend waterproofing solutions from vapor barriers to sump pumps if the need arises, and fix both problems at one time.

What You Can Do as a Homeowner to Prevent Water Problems

rain-432770_1920Be prepared as early as Fall when it comes to getting ready for water and ice around your home. Thinking ahead is so important because once Winter or Spring hits, it is likely too late. Check your gutters, make sure they are clear of debris to ensure that water flow through gutters and downspouts is optimal. Make sure soil grading around your foundation moves down and away from your home. Check for areas of standing water and fill them so water can move away from your home, or work with Rapid Foundation Repair to ensure you have an exterior drainage plan in place.

Remember, we offer free estimates, so if you notice problems don’t wait to get them fixed. We preach this all the time, but your foundation is likely the most important part of your home. It may be the most boring to consider fixing. Most people prefer to look at the aesthetics of their home and fix flooring, paint, or light fixtures. But if your foundation isn’t in good shape, it’s not worth spending the money on anything else. Call for your free estimate today to get started!