Drought Causing Concerns Across South Dakota

Drought Causing Concerns Across South Dakota

Should You Be Concerned About Your Foundation?

There are quite a few articles you can read online about the worsening drought in South Dakota. Farmers are worried, meteorologists are worried, but should you be worried about your home? Your foundation?

The answer is definitely yes. Many people aren’t aware of what a drought can do to your foundation. So here is the breakdown for you.

changes in soil affect your foundation1. Soil shrinkage: Weather affects the soil that is the base of support for your foundation. If it rains too much, it can exert pressure on foundation walls. The exact opposite is true about drought. The soil around your foundation will shrink, and your foundation can lose the support from that soil. Shifting and settling of foundations is very common for this reason during a drought.


abstract-1850417_6402. Settlement can lead to foundation cracks: When there is sinking or settlement of a foundation, it is very common for cracks to form. Enter just a little bit of rain (which you are definitely hoping for at this point!) and it will find those cracks and cause flooding in your basement or crawlspace. Sure makes you love and hate the idea of rain during a drought.


tree3. Tree and plant roots cause additional soil shrinkage: During a drought, the plants and trees around your home and desprite for water. They will use up any excess water in the soil causing additional shrinkage of soil. This can lead to additional cracking and settling of your foundation.

What can you do?

If you notice changes around your home that indicate foundation settlement, it is time for an inspection. Foundation cracks, cracks in walls and ceilings, countertops pulling away from the walls, garage column cracks, and cracks in stairs and stoops are all indicators of foundation settlement. You can put your mind at ease by having it checked out. We can give you a free inspection and let you know if foundation repairs or waterproofing is recommended.

So keep an eye out during this drought, and after when we do start getting rain again, for problems and keep Rapid Foundation Repair on speed dial just in case. We work across the state of South Dakota, in parts of Wyoming and Nebraska as well.