Rhino Carbon Fiber Wall Supports

Rhino Carbon Fiber Wall Supports

Rapid Foundation Repair is proud to offer Rhino Carbon Fiber products as one of our many tools for foundation repair.

If you have a bowed wall, this product can secure and stabilize your foundation. There is nothing stronger on the market and we want you to have a strong and secure foundation.

rhino carbon fiber

Make Rhino Carbon Fiber Work for You

The patented system by Rhino works by securing the foundation floor and the house framing. The carbon fiber strip is attached to the sill plate with a galvanized bracket. The other end is secured to the foundation floor with a carbon fiber pin. You can apply the Carbon Fiber system to block or poured concrete foundation to repair bowed walls and foundation cracks.

The carbon fiber wall supports are installed from the inside, so it causes less disturbance to your property and can be installed in any type of weather. This method is also less expensive than other options. You can paint over the supports when they are completed, so they will be barely visible.

The Rhino Carbon Fiber wall support system is maintenance-free and won’t take away any space in your basement. The carbon fiber strips are easy to install, even in tight spaces, making it a great option for crawl spaces.