Basement Waterproofing Solutions in Casper, Wyoming

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Basement Waterproofing Solutions in Casper, Wyoming

Homeowners with basement water problems know the feeling all too well: that nervous walk down the stairs the morning after a storm to see how bad the damage is this time. If this is happening to you, it is time to call a basement waterproofing company.

If you get nervous going down the stairs after a light sprinkle, it is probably time to call a waterproofing expert.

Regardless, a waterproofing professional like those at Rapid Foundation Repair can find a solution that fits your house and will prevent all the damage water can bring to a basement.

Basement Waterproofing Options in Casper

While each is different, Rapid Foundation Repair offers two general types of basement waterproofing solutions in Casper and nearby areas of Wyoming and South Dakota: interior drainage systems and exterior waterproofing.

The names are self-explanatory, and each has its own pluses and minuses. Which is best for you will depend on your particular water problems and any specific obstacles that either solution would encounter.

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Interior Drainage Systems

The purpose of interior drainage systems is to remove the water that has infiltrated your basement walls or foundation from the house in a way that doesn’t involve flooding your basement.

In many cases, this involves digging a small trench along the perimeter of the exterior walls. We then lay down a perforated drain pipe within a layer of gravel. Weep holes are often drilled into the block wall so the water exits into the pipe rather than forcing its way through small cracks.

The drain pipe then directs the water into a sump pit, where the pump sends it outside the house to an area where it won’t drain back toward the foundation.

Concrete is then laid on top to repair the slab floor so that the only visible reminder will be the sump pit cover and the piping leading from it.

Exterior Waterproofing

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Where interior drainage systems deal with water once it has entered your basement walls, exterior waterproofing aims to keep it out of the walls.

To do that, we can excavate around the exterior of the basement walls and expose them. Then, we apply a waterproofing product to the walls and install a dimple board to let the water drain down to a perforated drain pipe, carrying it away from your home.

If improper drainage is causing water to pool near your home, other drainage methods can also be used, such as applying hydrostatic pressure to the basement walls.

Finishing Your Basement? Get Piece of Mind Through Waterproofing First

The last thing you want after finishing your basement is to have to rip out carpeting or drywall because water has made them soggy and moldy.

Because access to the perimeter of the basement wall is needed, interior waterproofing is generally easier to do before a basement is finished than after.

Therefore, waterproofing the basement before finishing it will save you a lot of time, headaches, and money.

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