Common Foundation Problems in Nebraska

When Do You Need Foundation Repair in Nebraska?

Homeowners in Nebraska are used to the seasons and the crazy weather that comes with them. Being in tornado alley, Nebraskans have come to expect powerful thunderstorms in the Spring, followed by hot, humid summers and bitterly cold winters. So it’s no surprise that homes in Nebraska can be prone to foundation failure and common foundation problems. When the soil is always shrinking and expanding because of the moisture content, cracking and sinking are bound to occur.

The problem begins with poor drainage. Water from Nebraska thunderstorms often begins to pool around your home because of poorly placed downspouts, making large puddles of water soak into the soil repeatedly. This means that all this moisture is pooling around your foundation, causing it to crack and heave. A wet basement is a common problem in Nebraska. The water also makes soil expand, and this expansion causes extra pressure on your basement walls. Under pressure, walls can form cracks or even bow or lean. The cracks allow water into your home, causing property damage and creating the perfect environment for mold growth. Bowing and leaning walls are very dangerous and could collapse easily.

When your foundation begins to settle, the home above it begins to settle as well. This means that foundation problems hurt your entire home and not just your basement. Sticking doors or windows, cracked drywall, sinking stoops, and sloping floors are common in homes with foundation failure. If the soil beneath your home sinks, gaping holes are left beneath your foundation. The foundation cannot support itself over these holes, so the concrete begins to crack under the weight. Even your garage could be affected, with garage column cracks and cracked concrete becoming more and more common in Nebraska homes.

As a homeowner, it is important to protect your home from foundation failure, but also to be vigilant and keep your eyes open for the signs of failure. Be wary of cracks, both large and small, and never let a leaning or bowing wall go unattended. Some of the problems, such as sticking doors, may seem small, but they actually indicate a much bigger problem.Foundation repair in Nebraska can be a tricky process if handled incorrectly.

The Best Solutions for Nebraska Foundation Problems

Luckily for Nebraska homeowners, Rapid Foundation Repair offers a variety of professional foundation repair services to stabilize and correct your foundation for common foundation problems. When your home has a stable foundation, the rest of the home is stable, and many of the problems you experience throughout your home will disappear once your foundation is repaired.

helical piers for common problems in NebraskaThe most effective solution offered by Rapid for common foundation problems is helical underpinning. Underpinning is used to correct a shifting foundation. Steel screw-like piers are inserted beneath the walls of your basement, garage, or stoop. These screws take the pressure off of the sinking soil directly beneath your home and place the weight of the house on stronger, more stable soil further down. Helical piers can lift your foundation back to its original height, and they can also prevent further sinking if the soil continues to shift. Helical piers can be installed in any weather conditions. Steel push piers may also be used in underpinning. These piers can be quickly and easily installed and allow immediate load transfer, meaning there is no wait for your foundation to be fully supported.

Another option for foundation repair for common foundation problems is wall anchor installation. Wall anchors are installed in homes that have a bowing or leaning wall. Wall anchors are drilled through your basement walls. The plate is attached to your wall while a rod is inserted into the soil outside with another plate attached to the end of the rod. helical tiebacks bowing walls nebraskaThey support leaning and bowing walls, protecting them from excess pressure, and they also slowly return the wall to its original, straight position. Helical tiebacks are another cost-effective way to correct leaning or bowing walls, both temporarily and permanently. Helical tiebacks can be installed in homes or as extra support in retaining walls.

Rapid Foundation Repair Helps with Common Foundation Problems

Any of the foundation repair options provided by Rapid Foundation Repair will help correct the problems that have arisen because of foundation failure, such as sticking doors or windows, sloped floors, and cracked walls. Foundation repair is a great investment for the future of your home and the safety of your family. If you’d like more information on foundation repair in Nebraska, contact us today.