Tips for Dry Winter Crawl Space in South Dakota, Nebraska, & Wyoming

Keep your Crawl Space Dry this Winter

The winter months bring plenty of wet weather which can be a problem for South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming homeowners. Crawl spaces can be negatively affected by moist conditions, and since it’s such an integral part of your home’s structural integrity it is important to take care of it, especially during the winter.

The best way to take care of it is by keeping an eye out for moisture. Watch for mold and mildew growth, wood rot, floor cracks, wall cracks, ceiling cracks, musty odors, humid air, and leaks or flooding. If these problems are affecting your crawl space, you are in need of repair and possibly waterproofing services. You can also prevent these problems from happening in the first place by doing a few things to protect your crawl space. These include:

  • Cleaning your Gutters: If your gutters are full of debris, water will not drain properly. This can lead to water overflowing and pooling around your home and the crawl space. If there are any types of cracks, water will leak inside. Also make sure the water is redirected to a safe place away from your home.
  • crawl space south dakotaClose Air Vents: Older homes may have air vents surrounding the foundation of the home. They were once thought to help circulate air through the crawl space, but now professionals know this just lets in water. Close them or seal them entirely.
  • Seal your Crawl Space: Most homes have holes and cracks that, if put together, would total a 2-square-foot hole. We can help you seal up these holes and cracks which will prevent water from entering your crawlspace. This will also reduce the humidity.
  • Install a Vapor Barrier: The best and easiest way to be sure that your crawl space is moisture free is by installing a vapor barrier. This completely seals your crawl space in order to keep out water, pests, and more. Rapid Foundation Repair offers vapor barrier installation. Contact us to learn more.

CrawlSpace Solutions for SD, WY, and NB

Rapid Foundation Repair offers a variety of products and services to help you keep your crawlspace safe and moisture free. Contact us today to learn more about our other services as well, such as foundation repair and waterproofing. Our service area covers South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Give us a call today!