Foundation Repair Q & A for Homeowners in South Dakota, Nebraska, & Wyoming

Q&A for South Dakota, Nebraska, & Wyoming Homeowners

Q: Is my Home Experiencing Foundation Repair Problems?

A: If you notice problems such as cracking floors, walls, ceilings, sticking doors, windows, or sloping floors, your home may be experiencing the beginnings of foundation failure. To be sure, call us here at Rapid Foundation Repair. We can inspect your home for signs of foundation failure.

Q: What Causes Foundation Failure?

A: Foundation failure can stem from construction issues, like inadequate soil compaction prior to laying the foundation. This occurs when the soil compresses under the home’s weight, leading to foundation collapse. Moisture problems, such as water pooling around the foundation or excessive water causing soil expansion outside the walls, can also contribute. Regardless of the cause, the symptoms of foundation failure are typically easily identifiable.

Q: Can I Reduce the Price of my Home Rather than Get Foundation Repair When Selling? 

A: If you are financing the sale yourself, yes. If not, loaning institutions usually will not close a loan without repairs being scheduled first. Be careful, though. Some states have to sever penalties for those who fraudulently conceal a structural problem. Be open about the problem if you are selling.

Q: Is my Home less Marketable because I’ve had Foundation Repairs?

No, in fact, it is the opposite. If your home has recently had foundation repair from a reputable company, your home, and its foundation are considered stronger after repairs are completed. Therefore, the value will be as if the foundation failure had never developed in the first place.

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Q: Can I Wait to Make Repairs on my Foundation?

Foundation repairs, though potentially costly, demand immediate attention. Don’t postpone addressing foundation issues. The longer you wait, the worse the problem gets, and therefore, the repairs become more expensive, time-consuming, and complex. If you notice signs of foundation failure, consider getting repairs as soon as possible.

Q: What Services do you Offer?

A: Rapid Foundation Repair, serving South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska, offers a range of active solutions for foundation repair. Our experienced staff is well-equipped to address foundation failure effectively.

Some of our services include:

No matter the issue with your foundation, basement, or crawlspace, Rapid Foundation Repair has a tailored solution. We specialize in tieback and anchor installation to rectify bowing and leaning walls. Helical tiebacks, consisting of metal rods screwed diagonally through the wall and into the soil, with a wall plate attached, gradually straighten bowing walls. Additionally, they evenly distribute soil weight to prevent future bowing or leaning.

For all your foundation concerns, trust Rapid Foundation Repair as your go-to contractor for effective solutions