Sticking Doors and Windows: Is It Your Foundation?

Sticking Doors and Windows: Is It Your Foundation?

The winter weather has finally set in, and many of us are enjoying the colder weather as a chance to snuggle up inside or to get out and enjoy winter sports and snow. However, when you get back home, you might notice that your doors and windows appear to be sticking. Is it from the heat in your home being higher and expanding the wood? Is it from the weather outside causing problems? Or are your sticking doors and windows really due to problems with your foundation. In this article, we’ll discuss the possible culprits.

When Does This Occur?

sticking doors and windows

One of the first questions that you should ask yourself is, when do my windows and doors stick shut? If the answer is every year but only temporarily, it may be truly due to the weather. However, it can be a little bit tricky because the weather may be causing your foundation to raise and lower just a little bit which cause the windows and doors to stick. This is due to hydrostatic pressure and freeze/thaw cycles. When the ground becomes saturated with water, like with heavy rains and melting snow, the soil begins to push up against the foundation. If it freezes, it can push in even more unusual places and when it thaws let go of that pressure which lets the foundation “go back” to where it was. However, this causes damage to your foundation and can cause cracks and leaks as well. Plus, when it’s raised or pressed against like this, it can cause your sticking doors and windows.

The easiest way to tell if your sticking doors and windows are due to the weather or your foundation is to have a trusted contractor, like those at Rapid Foundation Repair, come out for a free estimate to determine the cause of the issue.

Do You See Other Signs of a Foundation Problem?

The next question to ask yourself is if you see other signs of a foundation problem going on. Do you notice that there are cracks around the door or window, or if there are cracks in the walls or foundation? Is there water coming into your home? Do you have bowing walls in your basement? Sloping floors on any level of the home? If so, you may have foundation problems. When you see these other possible signs of foundation problems, it’s likely the sticking doors and windows you see are due to foundation issues. However, again, a trusted foundation expert should diagnose the issue. But it is a good idea to tell them what you have seen so far so that they can get a better idea of the possible extent of the issue.

sticking doors and windowsHow are Sticking Doors and Windows Resolved?

There are a few ways to resolve sticking doors and windows, and they will depend on what the problem is and how extensive it is. If your sticking doors and windows are really due to the weather, lucky you! You will have very little to do to fix the issue. However, if your sticking doors and windows are due to foundation issues in your home, you may have to have a little bit more work done. Usually, the foundation will be supported with an underpinning system, and in most cases push piers or helical piers. Your contractor will determine the best solution for your home’s foundation issues, as each case is unique.

Are You Experiencing Sticking Doors and Windows?

It’s time to call Rapid Foundation Repair. Whether you’ve been noticing them every year or you just started to have it happen, it’s time to give us a call. We offer free estimates! We’re happy to work with you to get your home back to being safe and comfortable.