Product Spotlight: ECP Helical Piers / Piles

How can Helical Piers Help Your South Dakota or Wyoming Home?

Helical piers are a common tool used when it comes to foundation repair. Helical piers are a great way to repair foundations that have settled, and at Rapid Foundation Repair, we offer them. We get our helical piers from one of the top producers of foundation repair and waterproofing products. Earth Contact Products also provides us with steel push piers, helical anchors and tiebacks, and wall anchors. Helical piers have a variety of benefits, including:

  • Easy installationDoor and window repair in South Dakota with foundation piers
  • Used below moving or shifting soil
  • Can be installed in all weather
  • Allows little, if any, vibration
  • Can immediately bear load transfer
  • Can be easily load tested
  • Almost no disturbance to the site

Each of these benefits makes a helical pier perfect for many types of foundation failure. Helical piers can be installed by a professional easily in any weather, and once installed, they can immediately take on the load without waiting. The helical pier is installed far below the soil that will move. This makes it so that the helical pier will not be moved like the foundation, meaning you will not have to worry about future foundation failure. They are even more stable because instead of being simply inserted into the ground, they are screwed into the soil, giving it even more stability. Helical piers are incredibly strong and can hold huge amounts of weight.

What can Helical Piers do for my South Dakota or Wyoming Foundation?

Helical piers are common tools for foundation repair, but what types of foundation failure are they usually used for? They are most commonly used on garages, porches, and lighter structures but can still be used for foundation settlement. Most of the time, they are used to repair bowing walls, leaky or wet basements, sloping floors, and more. They can also be used on new construction to prevent foundation failure from happening to a home in the first place.

To learn more about helical piers, Earth Contact Products, or our other foundation repair options, such as steel push piers, wall anchors, or helical tiebacks and anchors, make sure to call us here at Rapid Foundation Repair. No matter your foundation failure problem, Rapid Foundation Repair has a solution for you. Foundation failure can be a scary thing, and we want you to feel safe and secure in your home, and foundation repairs can help you feel safe for many years to come. Call us here at Rapid Foundation Repair today!