What is underpinning?

The first thing many think of when they hear “underpinning” is a literal pin, and that isn’t quite right. Underpinning is a foundation repair term for products used to lift, support, or stabilize foundations, crawlspaces, garage columns, chimneys, slabs, steps and stoops, and underpinningmore. Most people don’t even realize or know what underpinning is, but in the foundation repair world, these products are known home-savers. Your foundation is the key to your home’s stability, so these products are very important to your home’s overall value and health. Rapid Foundation Repair offers many underpinning solutions you can rely on when your foundation is settling or sinking, or foundation walls are bowing and leaning.

What kinds of products can be used for underpinning?

Helical Piers

Helical piers are an underpinning tool you can use when you need to need to resist a tension or compressing force. Say you have a chimney that is leaning from foundation settlement. We can use one or two helical piers to lift your chimney back into place, and add support for years to come! These are used widely in the industry and are a very reliable tool for added support.

Wall Anchors

Wall Anchor, Underpinning

Wall Anchor

Sometimes, pressure from water or poorly compressed soil builds up behind crawlspace, foundation, or retaining walls. This is when a wall anchor comes into play. These are designed for the specific purpose of adding support and pulling leaning and bowing walls back into place. They consist of a wall plate that is placed on the inside of the wall, an outside anchor and a high strength rod tying them together. They are economical, but still provide the lateral force needed to pull that wall back to the original position and add support for years to come.

Steel Push Piers

steel push pier, underpinning

Steel Push Pier

One of the most commonly used underpinning products today, there are many uses for steel push piers. You might hear of them also being called micro piles, push piers, or resistance piers. Depending on the type used they can either be installed below of on the side of the load that needs the lift and support. Each is installed and loaded tested individually, therefore they are a safe and strong product you can count on. We use steel push piers and other underpinning products from ECP – the very best in the industry for underpinning products, so you know you are getting the best! You can count on Rapid Foundation Repair to get the best product and installation available.

Wall Tiebacks/ Anchors

Helical Tiebacks and anchors, Underpinning

Wall Tiebacks / Anchors

The soil around your home is ever-changing, and this puts your foundation into flux. Sometimes you just need those extra supports or an anchoring system that can prevent that, so you aren’t just depending on the soil around your home to support your foundation. Wall tiebacks or anchors can do just that. They are driven into the stable soils around your home so that you can be sure that you have that extra support. These are an economical and safe choice as an underpinning product for your home and are widely used in the industry today. They can be installed with little disturbance to your landscaping. Since they are relatively simple to install it keeps labor time down, thus keeps the costs down.

So know you know about underpinning. You are almost a pro! But not quite. So count on the professionals at Rapid Foundation Repair to make the right underpinning choice for your home, and keep your home value up and your foundation safe with our help. Call today!