In-Depth Foundation Inspection

Buying a Home? Demand an In-Depth Foundation Inspection!

When you are buying a home, you might look at things like the kitchen cabinets and the carpet. Does it have a two-car garage? Are there enough bedrooms? Rarely do people think, “Is the foundation in good shape?” right off the bat. This is the first thing you should be thinking about. The foundation or crawlspace of your home is the most important part. The health of the foundation or crawlspace affects every little part of your home, so it has to be safe and sound.

Warning Signs – What to Look For

foundation inspection

If the house you are looking at has a settling foundation, the chimney could be leaning, floors could be sloping, doors and windows might stick. Cabinets could be hard to open and close, drywall could be cracking, or the stairs on the front of the house could be pulling away from the foundation. When a home is built, many times the soil around the home is not handled correctly. If it is not compacted well, settlement can occur. Problems can also occur if there is excess water or unstable soil due to heavy limestone content. You need a good foundation inspection so that problems can be identified before your purchase. If there are major problems, you can avoid major financial headaches down the road.

Some problems can be resolved with simple underpinning products such as helical piers! But wouldn’t you rather know upfront rather than when it is too late? Don’t take any chances. Have the homeowner provide an in-depth foundation inspection ahead of time, so you know exactly what you have in store. Rapid Foundation Repair can provide that inspection and even provide an estimate of the cost of repair. It is a wise choice for savvy home buyers!