Foundation Cracks

What About That Crack?

Foundation Cracks, Wall Cracks, Foundation Repair CostsA little crack in your foundation or wall is easy to ignore. And why not? We all have so many things in our lives to worry about. The last thing anyone wants to think about is that little foundation crack or wall crack. We especially don’t want to think of the unplanned and unwanted cost of fixing it. But really, this is not something you should ignore. It could be hiding a larger problem. Your foundation could be settling or sinking, and or pressure could be building up around your foundation walls, leading to bowing, leaning, leaks, or foundation failure.

What Does the Crack Tell Us?

So you have chosen not to ignore the crack. Smart! But now, what is it telling you? Study it closely. The look of the crack tells you so much. Depending on the way it is angled and the direction of it, you can tell the type of problem occurring. Angled and horizontal cracks show that the foundation is bowing. Angled only cracks show that you are experiencing settlement. Cracks that converge in the center show that you are having bowing and settlement. Horizontal only cracks mean you are experiencing bowing. Vertical only cracks show that you are experiencing heaving or settlement. The one thing all of these cracks tell you is that your foundation is in trouble, and you need an experienced professional to help you determine how serious the problem is. A good contractor will inspect these foundation cracks and provide you with an estimate and the best fit for your budget.

Settlement is nothing to mess with. It affects everything in your home. You can have doors and windows that stick, drywall cracks, floor cracks, leaning chimneys, stairs, and patios can pull away from your home. You can just see the dollars signs behind your eyes! If you take that foundation crack seriously, you can nip the problem in the bud. You can use underpinning products to add support to your walls and pull them back into the correct position. Rapid Foundation Repair can assess your foundation crack for you and find the right solution for your budget. So if you see a foundation crack, don’t just walk by it. Stop, inspect it, and realize that you can fix it before it becomes a larger problem. For all your foundation repairs, count on Rapid Foundation Repair!