Make Your Crawlspace Safe

Crawl Space Encapsulation in South Dakota

Crawl Space Encapsulation South Dakota

Moisture problems in the basement are an issue for many homeowners. If you have similar problems, Rapid Foundation Repair has a solution for you. We offer many prime services, such as vapor barriers, and crawl space encapsulation. For all things waterproofing or foundation repair related, choose Rapid Foundation Repair.

Although some areas still permit a vented, dirt-floored crawl space, the better option is to have your crawl space encapsulated with a vapor retardant material that will prevent structural problems. Crawl space encapsulation will keep mold from growing, reducing the number of air pollutants and allergens in your home. a water-repelling vapor barrier will also keep vapor from escaping into the exterior walls and condensing back into a liquid to cause many structural problems such as dry rot or mold. Crawl spaces that contain fiberglass insulation are also a mold hazard and should be sealed with a vapor barrier from Rapid Foundation Repair.

 Vapor Barrier and Crawl Space Encapsulation Solutions

A water retardant vapor barrier, such as a plastic or foil sheet will keep water from getting into places that it is not meant to be. Since there are many ways a home Crawl Space Encapsulation SDgenerates moisture vapor – cooking, showering, house plants, even breathing – there can often be quite a bit of excess water vapor in the air. Sometimes, due to the temperature and high pressure in a home, this water vapor is pushed towards the ceiling and walls, where it can escape into the exterior walls of a home. A vapor barrier from Rapid Foundation Repair can stop this from happening. Because we are serious about the health of your home, we use only top quality materials manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP). Contact the folks at Rapid Foundation Repair today for quality crawl space repair encapsulation services. We have the top solutions for your waterproofing and vapor barrier needs.