How Can a Vapor Barrier Help You?

Crawl Space Repair Sioux Falls, SD

Crawl Space Repair Sioux Falls

If you have a damp, musty, basement with wet walls or lots of humidity, then a vapor barrier may be the best option for you. A vapor barrier is usually made of a material used for damp proofing, such as foil or plastic that will resist the diffusion of moisture through walls, ceilings, or floors.  Although a little bit of moisture in the home is a good thing, too much can cause problems for the building materials. Rapid Foundation Repair can help you with your crawl space repair needs to keep your home dry.

Installing a vapor barrier in your home can help prevent problems such as dry rot or mold. There are lots of things within a home that generate moisture: local humidity levels; cooking, showering, or anything else that generates steam; house plants; even breathing. Since the home is heated to a higher temperature than the outside air during the wintertime, the air inside tends to move towards the ceiling and walls, carrying the moisture vapor along with it.

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If the moisture does escape into the exterior walls, it could condense back into a liquid and lead to some major problems. A vapor barrier can stop this moisture vapor from escaping, preventing moisture problems with the structure to arise. Plastic or foil sheeting is an example of such a moisture barrier that will water vapor will not be able to penetrate. Fortunately, the team at Rapid Foundation Repair can effectively and efficiently install such a vapor barrier to keep your home safe and dry. Contact us today to see how we can help you out!