Smart Homeowners Have Their Foundations Inspected

South Dakota Foundation Inspection

foundation issues in South Dakota

Many things could go wrong with your home due to foundation problems – sinking or settling foundation, leaning chimneys, wall or floor cracks, slab cracks, leaning or bowing walls, and many more. Any of these can be very serious issues, and if found, a contractor should be immediately notified to repair them. For this reason, it is important to have your foundation regularly inspected. A regular inspection is fairly easy to conduct and has plenty of great benefits. For your foundation inspection needs, Rapid Foundation Repair can assist.

Although it is good to have a professional inspect your foundation, you can also do it on your own. Some common symptoms to look for are bowed or leaning walls; cracks in the floor, walls, concrete slabs, or basement; leaning or cracked chimneys or porches; a sinking or settling foundation; uneven floor; sticking doors or windows; damp basements or crawl spaces; or water stains. Cracks, bowing or leaning walls, uneven floors, or sticking doors and windows could all be signs of sinking or settling foundations. This can be fixed by using helical piers to raise the foundation back to its original level. A wet basement or crawl space can be solved by installing or repairing an existing sump pump.

Foundation Inspection Benefits for Wyoming & South Dakota

If any of these symptoms are discovered early enough, they can be easily repaired by the expert team at Rapid Foundation Repair. However, the longer the problem continues, the harder it becomes to solve. By regularly inspecting your home’s foundation, or having it regularly inspected by a professional, you can save yourself a lot of trouble down the road. Regular foundation inspection will save you money, and keep your home functioning safely and efficiently. Fortunately, the folks at Rapid Foundation Repair are happy to help you with any issues you may have found after inspecting your foundation. Contact us today for more information!