Interior Drainage Can Help in the Winter

Interior Drainage Can Help in the Winter

The Importance of Interior Drainage in South Dakota

The winter months can have quite a negative effect on your foundation. Melted snow and hail can cause significant water damage in your basement if you don’t have interior drainage in your South Dakota home. Contrary to popular belief, interior drainage systems, like sump pumps, are not useful in just the spring and summer months. To fully protect your home from water damage, it is important to have a functional interior drainage system all year round. A wet basement is a serious threat to the value of your home and possessions. To keep your basement and foundation protected, contact Rapid Foundation Repair to reach your interior drainage experts!

Interior Drainage Optionsinterior drainage south dakota

Sump pumps are one of the more popular forms of interior drainage. We install only high-quality Earth Contact Products, as they are efficient, reliable, and affordable. Our sump pumps perform at over six gallons per watt-hour, which means they remove a higher amount of water than your old system but use less electricity. They come installed with check valves and built-in alarms to optimize your basement drainage.

For the ultimate interior drainage system, we are also happy to install a battery back up sump pump or a sump pit. A battery back up sump pump is used whenever there is a power failure and the primary sump pump has failed. These are particularly useful during powerful winter and spring storms, and keep basement water at bay. A sump pit allows a sump pump to remove more water in less time. It is an addition to the primary interior drainage system that ensures minimal water damage and flooding.

Sealed interior drain tile systems are used for waterproofing and moisture control. They are installed beneath the ground and provide a less expensive solution than exterior waterproofing. Technically, these drainage systems are not true waterproofing, but rather water management systems to direct basement water to the sump pump system.

To keep your home and possessions in top condition during the winter months, seriously consider adding an interior drainage system or improving your existing one. The experts here at Rapid Foundation Repair would be more than happy to come to assess your situation and provide you with a free estimate. Contact Us today for more information!