Basement Leak Repair: Is Inside or Outside Best?

Basement Leak Repair: Is Inside or Outside Best? 

A common problem that homeowners in South Dakota face is a leaky basement. When the foundation settles, it can cause cracks the walls that allow water to seep in. Both older and newer homes are susceptible to this problem. Small cracks are usually not a big concern, but once they get bigger they can indicate a more serious foundation issue and let even more water in. Water in your basement can cause mold growth, wood rot, and worsening foundation issues. When a homeowner is in need of leak repair, a question we have heard is whether repairs inside or outside are better. Let’s take a look at each option:

Interior Leak Repair

interior leak repairThe best part about interior leak repair is that it doesn’t require as much time or money. Without the need to excavate, the job can be done quickly with minimal disruptions at any time of the year. It is also much easier to find the source of the leak from the inside of the house than the outside. When you work from the interior, you can be more confident you are solving the root of the problem.  

A basement leak is usually repaired using a material like polyurethane to fill in the holes and cracks. This seals the leak permanently. A waterproofing contractor might also suggest additional waterproofing solutions like an encapsulation that adds an additional barrier to keep moisture out. 

Exterior Leak Repair

In a minor leak situation, exterior repair is probably not the best option. Excavating the soil around your foundation takes time and is more expensive than filling cracks from the inside. It also can only be done in warmer dry weather when the ground is not frozen. 

However, certain situations can warrant a repair from the outside. If an excavation is already needed to fix a bigger problem, like a bowing wall, the contractors might fix the leak on the exterior. Sometimes finding the source of a leak on the interior of the home might lead to an indication of a more serious foundation issue and exterior repair with excavation becomes necessary. Another reason for excavation would be the installation of an exterior drainage system. 

Rapid Foundation Repair Can Do The Job Right

In most situations, interior is more likely the better option, but in certain circumstances, exterior leak repair can make sense. The most important factor in repairing your home is the quality of work being done. No matter the method used, it’s important to have a contractor you trust working on your basement. Rapid Foundation Repair has the experience to make sure your home is taken care of correctly the first time. If you are having issues with leaks in your basement, contact us today for a free quote.