What is Rhino Carbon Fiber?

What is Rhino Carbon Fiber?

When soil puts too much pressure on your foundation walls, the walls can crack and start to bow. Rhino Carbon Fiber is a wall support system that stabilizes bowing walls. These solid but lightweight strips link the foundation base to the house framing to protect your foundation against movement from the soil outside.

How Does It Work? carbon fiber on walls in a basement

The carbon fiber material is the most robust system on the market. It is adhered to the wall with solid epoxy and mounted to the footing and top of the wall to ensure maximum stability. This material is more robust than steel and will seal up cracks and prevent bowing walls from moving while also preventing water leaks. After being installed, you can even paint over it to hide any evidence of a repair!

How Is It Installed? 

The installation process is relatively simple and non-intrusive, but it still requires the hands of an expert. Here is what to expect from Rapid Foundation Repair when we repair your walls with Rhino Carbon Fiber:

  • Clean the entire foundation wall and grind it to a clean surface to which our adhesive will affix. If there is caulk or loose mortar, we’ll remove that now.
  • Fill in any cracks with hydraulic epoxy or cement.
  • Measure and predrill the sill plate at the top of the wall.
  • Drill a hole into the footing at the center of the installation.
  • Attach the carbon fiber strip to the sill plate with a strong epoxy.
  • Mount the sill plate bracket on top of the carbon fiber, securing it tightly.
  • Attach the carbon fiber strip to the wall with more epoxy, adhering it to the wall.
  • Lastly, the bottom of the strip is anchored to the wall.

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for cracks in your foundation so you can have it repaired before the wall starts to bow. Rhino Carbon Fiber can stabilize the wall before there is too much damage. Call Rapid Foundation Repair for a free estimate if you see cracks or bowing in your foundation walls. Our experienced team is ready to help you make the necessary repairs to keep your home safe.