Why Basement Walls Leak in South Dakota & Wyoming

Leaking Basement Walls in South Dakota & Wyoming

Many homeowners in South Dakota and Wyoming and throughout the rest of the country have occasional trouble with water leaking through their basement walls and into their homes. With the increase in people seeking to use their basement space as livable areas, it is even more important that basements stay dry and leak-free. Whether you have a newly constructed home, or an older home with a basement leak, it is recommended by almost every professional contractor, including those at Rapid Foundation Repair, that you find the cause of your leaky basement walls and have it fixed as soon as possible.

The first step to repairing basement leaks, of course, is finding out what is causing them. There are many different reasons that your basement walls could be leaking. Examine the home for signs and symptoms of the following common causes of basement leaks:

  • Basement Wall Cracks and Leaks In South Dakota and WyomingNew, Unfinished Homes: You may see leaks in your basement if you have a new home due to round tie rods letting water in through the bond to the concrete, sump pumps not being fully installed or powered, or a lack of gutters and other drainage equipment.
  • Old Drainage in Homes: Older homes can suffer from basement leaks if the drainage systems are old, worn out, or even non-existent. Some older homes do not have enough, or any drainage systems to keep water away.
  • Pipes and Joints: Water commonly enters basements through joints and through the spots where pipes enter the walls. One way to prevent this is to seal these areas to prevent water leakage.
  • Poor Construction: If shoddy concrete jobs left honeycombs in your basement walls due to poorly done concrete, water might start to leak through your basement walls in these areas.
  • Foundation Problems: Cracks in your basement walls and floors resulting from foundation problems can also be a major point for water entry in your home.

Whatever the cause of your basement leakage problems, it is important that you have them taken care of immediately by one of the professionals at Rapid Foundation Repair.

Leaky Basement Wall Solutions from Rapid for SD & WY Homes

One approach that many homeowners take to fixing their basement leaks is to coat the inside of the basement walls with cement or with a sealant. However, simply covering the cracks and sealing the area will not permanently stop water from coming into your home. The best way to stop basement wall leaks from occurring is to have a basement waterproofing system installed.

Basement Wall Leaks in SD and WY

We offer several different basement waterproofing solutions to take care of the basement leaks in your home. First, to stop water from pooling in your yard near your foundation, you should have a surface drainage system installed. This system helps water run away from your home using gutters, downspouts, and grading around the home. next, exterior drainage can stop groundwater from putting pressure on your foundation and causing cracks that allow for water entry. This system uses underground pipes to carry excess water away. Finally, to stop basement leaks from ruining your home and possessions, we can install an interior drainage system and sump pump system, which works to remove basement water.

We can also repair your basement walls using one of our foundation repair solutions – wall anchors, helical tiebacks, push piers, helical piers, etc. These solutions work to close cracks and prevent further issues with basement leaks. Contact us right away to find the right solution for your basement wall leaks, no matter what caused them.