Water Management in South Dakota

Tips for Water Management in South Dakota

Lately, the state of South Dakota has been experiencing severe weather and lots of flooding. This sort of weather leads to damage and flooding in your basement, and can cause some serious foundation problems. Large amounts of water sitting against your foundation for long periods of time can seep through the cracks and lead to basement flooding. This pooling water in your yard can also weaken the structural integrity of the concrete. It soaks into the foundation and starts to wear away at it.

Severe Weather and Water Management in South Dakota

Another issue that excessive water from the recent heavy rains might cause is increased hydrostatic pressure. The higher the water table is in the soil around your home, the greater the pressure that pushes on your foundation. This can cause the foundation to move and shift, and even to form cracks. High amounts of water in the soil can also cause erosion, washing away the very soil that supports your home. If this happens, the foundation will have voids beneath it that can lead to settlement and sinking.

If you notice any signs of foundation issues, reach out to Rapid Foundation Repair for a prompt solution. Sloped floors, bowing walls, ceiling cracks, sticking windows and doors, and wet basements can all be signs of a foundation problem in your South Dakota home.

Waterproofing Solutions for Water Management in South Dakota

Fortunately, we offer solutions to fix the water problems in your home and stop foundation problems from occurring. One of the best ways to prevent foundation failure is to invest in the right water management system. This helps to keep harmful water away from your home. The waterproofing systems that we offer include:

  • basement waterproofing SDExterior DrainageThis system usually consists of a waterproof membrane, a drainage board, and a French drain system. The membrane and the drainage board are installed on the exterior foundation wall. This keeps groundwater from seeping in, while the French drain carries the water away. Also, a surface drainage system (using gutters, downspouts, grading, etc.) can prevent water pooling in the yard.
  • Interior DrainageThe interior drainage system works in conjunction with the exterior system to take water from inside the home and drain it out and away. The water is collected by channels, pipes, and drains in the basement floor and footings and dumped into the sump pit, where it is stored until the sump pump can pump it out of the basement.

These drainage options provide your home with all of the protection that it needs to stay dry and healthy during severe weather like the kind of storms that have been affecting us lately. Do not hesitate to invest in exterior and interior drainage to prevent serious foundation problems in your home. Contact Rapid Foundation Repair today for more information about our water management South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska services.