Problems that Lurk in your Basement

Basement Repair in South Dakota

basement repair for a bowed basement wallA home’s basement often doubles as a living room and a storage room.  It is where we keep our belongings and family heirlooms.  Being underground, however,  the basement is at the highest risk of water damage.  It is important homeowners take the necessary precautions to ensure the well being of their possessions and their home. For your basement repair needs count on Rapid Foundation Repair. We can help you understand what you are seeing and find the right repair for you!

Water takes the path of least resistance.  Meaning, if your foundation walls have cracks then you can be sure moisture will enter be entering your basement.  While you may not have severe water issues, moisture can still cause problems.  Mold flourishes in dark damp areas, so a moist basement is a perfect environment. The main warning sign of mold is its musty smell.

Call Rapid Foundation Repair today for permanent waterproofing aid.

Your basement can face other problems than just water.  Soil pressure on foundation walls is very common.   When the temperature changes throughout the year, the soil expands and contracts.  Expanded soil can put pressure on your exterior basement walls, and they may begin to bow and lean.  Bowing and leaning walls are a severe problem that should be dealt with immediately.  The problem will not correct itself and the safety of you and your family may be at stake.  Also, it must be remembered that foundation repair is not a “do-it-yourself” project.  Call the professionals at Rapid Foundation Repair, our certified experts will utilize our repair products to provide you with the solution you need.

One of the solutions we offer is helical tiebacks, this product will fix bowing and leaning walls.  If your foundation is sinking and you have a cracked slab, then we will use helical and steel piers.  Piers lift the foundation to its proper level and alleviate pressure. For all of your basement repair needs in South Dakota, call Rapid Foundation Repair.