What To Do About Wall Repair

What To Do About Wall Repair

So you’ve taken stock of your home after a serious spring cleaning, and you notice that there are cracks in the wall or that you have wall repair needs. D.I.Y. kits can only get you so far, and they will not treat the underlying issues, and over time wall cracks and other wall repair can become worse. It’s time to call Rapid Foundation Repair and get that wall repair job fixed.

Foundation Crack Repair South DakotaWhy Not Do-It-Yourself?

It can be really tempting to go with the less expensive option and get a D.I.Y. repair kit from the local hardware store. It may seem to be fine when you complete the project, but what you’ve done is really just put cover up the problem instead of fixing the root. Over time, the D.I.Y. job will fall apart, and beneath the crack or other problem will have worsened. This will end up costing way more money than the original, and you’ll have wasted time and money on the D.I.Y. kit. Overall, wall repair work should be left to the professionals and dealt with as soon as it’s seen.

Wall Repair Options

Depending on what problem that you’re experiencing, there can be multiple options for wall repair. If what you’re experiencing is wall cracks, there can be several causes behind them. The first is a superficial settling of the foundation. This happens on most all houses and is nothing to worry about if the crack is less than the width of a penny and does not grow wider or longer over time. All homes settle and they are actually built with some give to make sure no major damage occurs.

However, if the wall cracks you are experiencing are very wide, appear suddenly, or widen or get longer over time, there are more serious problems at play. These are likely foundation problems, and if you leave them unchecked, they can turn into major issues like bowed walls. Walls like this threaten the safety and stability of your home, and they’re going to cost you a lot more to fix than a relatively simple wall repair and small foundation repair. If you are experiencing other wall problems that you’re not sure how to categorize, we are happy to provide you with a free estimate and explanation of what’s happening.

What Should I Do First?

The first time you spot a wall crack or wall repair in your home, monitor it to see if it widens or gets longer over time. Put two pieces of tape right across from each other on either side of the crack and draw a line with a ruler in the same place on each. Check back each day to see if the lines have changed position. If they have, it’s time to think about wall repair options.

If you’re not really sure what you’re looking for, and you just want to make sure that the house is safe and stable, give us a call! We are completely happy to come out to the property and see what’s going on. We want you and your family in a safe home. If you’re worried, it’s never a bad idea to call. Wall repair won’t fix itself, and Rapid Foundation Repair is there to help you along the way.