Water Management Systems for Your South Dakota Home

Water Management Systems for Your South Dakota Home

Living in the South Dakota climate can be interesting at any season of the year. One problem that presents itself is the threat of a basement waterproofing disaster. Water management systems along with waterproofing can be used to redirect the water or to waterproof your basement or crawl space from water damage. However, water damage doesn’t just  come from heavy rains and flooding. It’s important to consider that foundation repair may be the answer to your continuing waterproofing woes.

Waterproofing and Water Management System Options

Exterior Waterproofing South DakotaThere are two main options for water management systems and waterproofing in your South Dakota home, and these include interior and/or exterior waterproofing. Exterior waterproofing is arguably the most important of the two because it may address the problem before it reaches the basement or crawl space itself. Exterior waterproofing as a water management system is really about drainage and consists of inspecting the yard and home and finding the right solution for your specific property. Some of the options should include a yard drainage system, or perimeter drain, making sure that the grading is correct so that water doesn’t drain directly into the foundation, and along that same line making sure that all windows and doors are sealed and downspouts are at least five feet away from the base of the foundation. Exterior waterproofing, or drainage solutions, are a great water management solution because they can solve the issue at the source instead of just trying to solve it from the inside and getting nowhere with a continuous problem.

humid crawlspace encapsulation south dakotaIn addition to a water management system and waterproofing like exterior drainage systems, interior waterproofing can help to head off any future interior damage. Interior waterproofing can include things like crawl space or basement encapsulation which places a clean, white waterproof barrier around the basement or crawl space that seals out water and gives a clean surface that does not let in moisture or bugs or critters. This can be a good solution if you don’t know if your basement or crawl space is sealed at all or if it is unfinished. Another solution for interior waterproofing is a sump pump system which will redirect any extra water that does happen to come in from flooding or heavy rains out of the home so that it doesn’t cause damage. Lastly, as previously mentioned, it’s important to remember that waterproofing problems can cause foundation repair problems that will need to be resolved. You can have a crumbling foundation, cracks, bowing walls, or other issues. This will need resolved as soon as possible to avoid major future damage.

Which is for me?

Which type of water management system is for you is dependent entirely on the problems that you are experiencing. It can also be dependent on what you’d like to spend to waterproof and provide proper drainage for the yard. Foundation repair should be performed first and as soon as possible, and waterproofing issues can be addressed at the same time. If you’re looking for the best solution for the money in most cases, exterior drainage solutions and fixing foundation damage should be top of your list. These management systems direct water away from the home and try to prevent flooding or water buildup. Waterproofing goes to the root of the problem and helps fix that rather than just protecting the inside from inevitable water.

However, if you are not having problems with drainage in the yard or with grading, it may be worthwhile to do interior waterproofing as well. This encapsulation system will make sure that it keeps out moisture and water from your basement or crawl space which will help with eliminating future foundation damage due to waterproofing problems. A sump pump can also be a great backup to ease any anxiety during heavy storms or flooding. Which type that you choose will depend on your problem and what professionals recommend to resolve it.

Water Management Systems and Waterproofing Save You Money

While it may seem like getting water management and waterproofing for your home is going to cost a lot, it’s important to think about all the time and money you’ll save yourself for the future when you complete these repairs. Get waterproofing now or have severe foundation damage later from a yard that doesn’t drain well? The choice seems clear to give your home the longest life it can have and make sure that your family is safe and comfortable inside. Give us a call today for more information on different types of water management systems along with waterproofing that we offer and how you can get started.