Wall Damage Concerns

When to be Concerned About Wall Damage

Homeowners, when faced with wall damage, typically do not contact a professional right away. However, this can lead to more damage and a bigger problem than the original issue. Instead of attempting to fix the wall damage yourself, contact a professional with any wall cracks or damage concerns. The professionals here at Rapid Foundation Repairs are happy to service your wall repair needs in South Dakota and Wyoming.

Wall damage typically occurs when walls are overloaded or because the structure has settled. Bowing walls are often caused by excessive lateral pressure from the surrounding soil, poor drainage, or uncontrolled water. Vertical or angled cracks are usually caused by the structure settling or heaving, but horizontal cracks are caused by lateral pressure. The foundation experts at Rapid Foundation Repair will assess your damage, and provide you with the best wall repair solution.

Wall Repair Options for South Dakota HomeownersWall Repair South Dakota

Here at Rapid Foundation Repair, we offer a multitude of options for fixing your wall cracks or damage.  Bowing foundation walls can cause sticky doors or windows, cracks in drywall, tilting or leaning chimneys, and leaks in the basement. Helical piers are one solution used to stabilize a structure’s foundation. Another wall repair solution offered at Rapid Foundation Repair is the installation of wall anchors. Wall plate anchors are an economically friendly way of stabilizing bowing or cracking foundation walls.

Wall cracks, depending on their size and shape, are solved similarly to bowing walls. Through the use of our Earth Contact Products (ECP), the best foundation care materials available, Rapid Foundation Repair offers durable wall repair solutions guaranteed to last and fix your foundation problems.

Wall cracks and damage are best left to the professionals at Rapid Foundation Repair. We will assess your damage, provide the best solution, and ensure quality service to meet your needs. When faced with a need for wall repair in the South Dakota area, look to Rapid Foundation Repair for all your solutions. Contact Us today for more information!