Signs and Signals From Your Walls

Professional Wall Repair South Dakota

Signs and Signals From Your Walls

Foundation walls are a big part of what makes up your home. They hold your home together, as well. In short, they are a very important part of your home. Since they are so important to the health and safety of your home, they should be taken care of as such. Most foundation problems have to deal with your foundation walls. Bowing walls, leaning walls, wall cracks, and sticking doors and windows, they all come from problems with your foundation walls and need wall repair.

If you believe you are starting to notice signs of foundation failure in your walls, such as the problems mentioned, give us a call. We have specific solutions for each of these problems. We are your go-to wall repair team in South Dakota!

Here are some solutions we offer for wall repair.

Helical Piers

We offer helical piers to help with bowing walls. Bowing walls are when your foundation walls start to bulge from outside moisture in the soil putting pressure on your foundation walls. Helical piers are tools that are used to give strength to failing walls. The helical pier is inserted into the failing foundation wall and then the other side is driven into stable soil. Helical piers are recommended by many. They are easy to install, they do not need tons of equipment to install, and they barely disturb the surrounding area, if at all. Not only do they fix the immediate problem, but they also prevent future wall failure, as well.


Wall Anchors

Wall Repair South DakotaWe also offer solutions such as wall anchors. Which does exactly as its name suggests, they are very similar to helical piers, except they are usually a temporary fix. Of course, it is a better solution than replacing an entire foundation wall. The wall anchor is built slightly different from the helical piers, but have the same effect, they stabilize a failing wall by being driven into stable soil, giving it the extra strength it needs.

If you happen to notice signs of foundation wall failure, like cracking, bulging, or sticking doors and windows, give us a call. We want to make sure you can rest easy in your home knowing it is a safe and secure environment. We promise, no matter your foundation problem, that we will provide great service, quality products, and even better results. Don’t hesitate to call┬áRapid Foundation Repair!