Little Known Foundation Repair Products: Helical Piers and Wall Anchors

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Helical Piers in South DakotaHelical Piers South Dakota, Wall Anchors South Dakota

Many tools can be used to help fix many different foundation failure problems, but out of all of them, helical piers and wall anchors are the least known. Amazingly enough, though, they are probably the most useful and safe for your foundation failure repairs.

Helical piers are a staple product in the foundation repair industry. Usually, helical piers, which are a screw-type pier, are used on structures of a lighter weight. Today, helical piers are one of the two most commonly used structural piers. They are usually used to lift and stabilize your home’s foundation. Helical piers are driven deep into stable soil to assure that your foundation will not shift, settle, or sink.

Well, it is great to know how they are used and what they are, but how do you know when you need one? There are a few different things you can watch out for around your home that may signal a need for helical pier installation. If you notice cracks (these can be wall cracks, floor cracks, slab cracks, foundation cracks, or basement cracks), leaning or bowing walls, or leaks or flooding in and around your home, you may need to consider calling Rapid Foundation Repair for quick helical pier installation.

Helical piers have many different benefits. Many people prefer helical piers because they can be installed in any type of weather, so there is no waiting for a certain season or type of day. Helical piers are also installed with smaller equipment, making it so that there is little to no disturbance to your property. And because Rapid Foundation Repair gets its products from Earth Contact Products, one of the top foundation repair product providers, you can be sure of its quality. So for all your helical piers needs, call Rapid Foundation Repair.

Wall Anchors in South DakotaHelical Piers South Dakota, Wall Anchors South Dakota

Yet another product that is not commonly known, but used regularly in foundation repair, are wall anchors. This product is typically used to stabilize cracking or bowing walls. This happens when the soil around the foundation of your home puts pressure on the walls. Water levels in the soil cause the soil to expand and shrink causing the immense pressure that causing the cracking and bowing of your foundation walls.

Wall anchors are the alternative to replacing a whole foundation wall. The wall anchor is going to be a whole lot less expensive and possibly longer-lasting and safer. And just like the helical piers, the wall anchors that Rapid Foundation Repair offers comes from the top quality Earth Contact Products.

Now that you know a little bit more about helical piers and wall anchors, consider them the next time you come across foundation failure problems. They are a wonderful tool when it comes to foundation repairs, and remember to give Rapid Foundation Repair a call today for all your helical piers and wall anchor needs in South Dakota and Wyoming!