How to Inspect Your Home’s Foundation

Foundation Inspection

Owning a home is a big responsibility. There are so many areas that need to be checked over regularly. Your home’s foundation is one such area. At least twice a year you should take a walk around your foundation inspecting it for any water damage, pest infestation, and structural weaknesses.

If you see any signs of problems, you should contact Rapid Foundation Repair to do a more thorough inspection of the areas that you are concerned about so that a plan of action can be put together. If you let these problems go, the issues become bigger and more costly.

After a major storm, you should take a walk around your foundation looking for any areas of pooling water near your foundation. This is a big concern that you may be able to take care of quickly and easily. Are your gutters cleaned out? Are your downspout extensions dumping water at least 5 feet away from your foundation? Does the landscape slope away from your house?

Once you check the outside, go to the inside of your basement. Look in the corners to see if you see any water or wetness on any carpet or is on the floor where the wall meets the basement floor. Maybe you have detected a musty smell in your basement. Be on the lookout for water stains on the walls or floor of your basement. This could be a sign that you have mold or mildew growing behind your walls. You do not want your family to be breathing that kind of air that can cause health issues. If you are seeing these problems in your wet basement, you need to call a professional from Rapid Foundation Repair for a complete foundation inspection.

porch and stoop repair south dakotaHave you started to notice sticky doors and windows are not closing as easily as they once did? This can be a signal that there are some foundation problems. Another visual sign is seeing cracks open up around vinyl or ceramic tiles over a concrete floor. You may have also noticed cracks in walls, especially over doorways, windows, or where walls meet ceilings. These cracks can become bigger when there is more pressure of saturated soil on the outside of your basement walls. A foundation inspection would be the way to see exactly what is going on with your home. The experienced team at Rapid Foundation Repair can come to your house and survey the situation. It may be time for you to take some necessary precautions against further damage to your foundation.

The foundation cracks and basement cracks you may be seeing can lead to other types of problems. Water will find its way into those cracks and will get bigger allowing even more water to enter your basement. With the pressure of the outside soil, not only can you get cracks in your foundation, but also it could lead to bowing walls or leaning walls. Both of these issues can cause serious damage to your foundation and the structure of your home. Another problem with any cracks in the foundation or walls is the chance for any insects or rodents to find their way into your basement or walls. They can cause damage to your home and find a way into your living spaces.  You may have to call an exterminator to help you get rid of these little pests.

From the very beginning of any sign that you are having issues with your foundation, you should get a professional foundation inspection. With a foundation inspection, you will get a more detailed report about the problems that you are seeing. An experienced member of our team will write down a plan to take care of any foundation repairs that are needed.

At Rapid Foundation Repair, we use products from Earth Contact Products (ECP) that are waterproofing Q&A SDconsidered to be the best on the market for your foundation repair. One possible solution for your wall cracks or bowed walls is the use of helical piers. The helical piers are installed by being screwed into the more stable soil below the foundation. They provide the strength needed to lift your home back to the original spot and keep further settling to occur. No more worries about cracks or water making its way into your basement. These reliable piers can installed almost any time of the year, uses smaller machines for the installation, and can be quickly installed. Wall anchors are another tool that can be used to stabilize wall cracks and bowed walls. Steel push piers are pushed into the soil below providing a more stable foundation. Each pier is load tested and spread across the foundation for more stability. We can also recommend a sump pump system to be installed where you have water issues. This can assure that you have all your bases covered.

If you have worries about your foundation, you need to have a foundation inspection from Rapid Foundation Repair. We can investigate any problems and make a plan to fix the issues with your basement so that you and your family are living in a healthy stable home.