Garage Foundation Repair: When to Call a Professional

Garage Foundation Repair: When to Call a Professional

exterior of garageWhen people think about foundation problems, most don’t think about their garage. But the garage is still a structure with a foundation that can suffer just as much as your home can. An attached garage can be an even bigger issue than a separate one because it can cause damage to the entire home. The biggest problems you will likely encounter are foundation settlement, sinking, and cracks in the concrete slab. Thankfully, Rapid Foundation Repair has the solutions you need for quality garage foundation repair. 

Signs of a Garage Foundation Issue

  • Floor and wall cracks: When the soil shifts beneath the foundation, the foundation can heave upward or sink, causing cracks in the walls, floors, and columns. Wall cracks are most likely to be above windows and doors. 
  • Gaps and spaces: The shifting foundation can also cause gaps between the garage floor and the walls or between the walls and windows and doors. 
  • Uneven or sloped floors: Sloping or unevenness in your garage floors can signify that the foundation is settling or sinking. This is usually caused by voids opening under the foundation due to dry soil or tree roots putting pressure on the foundation from underneath.
  • Bowed or leaning walls: Minor settling can be expected, but bowing or leaning walls indicate that the foundation is settling unevenly. 
  • Misaligned windows: If the windows in your garage are sticking and becoming difficult to open and close, this could indicate that your foundation is settling. 

Repair Options

If the foundation issue in your garage is foundation settlement, the best solution is helical piers to strengthen and support your garage. They are screw-like piers usually used for lightweight projects, so they are perfect for repairing a garage. Because they are screwed directly into the ground, they don’t require any excavation or cause any disturbance to the job site. Their design and required equipment make them easy to install, so the job is usually done relatively quickly. 

If you notice slab cracks in your garage, poly concrete lifting is the way to go. To repair the sinking slab, we drill holes into the concrete and inject a polyurethane material that expands and raises the slab back to its original position. The material expands and dries quickly, so it is a fast and effective way to fix your driveway or garage floor. This solution will not only improve your issue quickly but also save you money by avoiding the need to replace the garage floor completely. 

Call Rapid Foundation Repair for the Best Solution

No matter which foundation issue you are having in your garage, Rapid Foundation Repair can get the job done right. We are proud to use quality products from Earth Contact Products, the most trusted resource for foundation repair products. Don’t wait to have your cracked, sinking, or settling garage looked at by a professional. The damage is detrimental to the value of your home, and the longer you ignore the problem, the worse it will get over time. Contact us today to get a free quote!