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Foundation Repair, Waterproofing & More in Gillette, WY

Foundation Repair Gillette, WY

In a town that has grown as rapidly as Gillette, it is common to experience foundation failure.

Builders often worked fast because of the number of people pouring in and the need for housing. This can lead to weaker foundations.

As the foundation fails, the walls in your home will become weaker and start to crack. It is common to have foundation failure problems such as bowing walls, cracks in your walls, floors, basement cracks, sticking doors or windows, or even a leaning chimney.

If this happens, contact an experienced foundation repair contractor like Rapid Foundation Repair, which is proud to serve the Gillette area.

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Repairing Gillette, WY, Foundations

Many dread hearing that their home has foundation issues, partially because of the repairs needed and partially because of fears this means their home is in imminent danger of collapsing.

The good news: That usually isn’t the case.

The bad news: That still doesn’t mean that foundation issues can be ignored.

The longer you let foundation problems fester the more serious, and more costly to repair, the issues caused by them will be.

If you suspect your home’s foundation is failing, call us at Rapid Foundation Repair and we will give you a free estimate. Don’t put off having your foundation looked at for fear of what you’ll find. Ignorance is only bliss until the bill for ignorance comes due.

Our most common foundation repair solutions are push piers and helical piers. In both cases, the piers are sunk or drilled down to a load-bearing strata of soil, one that can support the weight of the house.

The load is then transferred off the underlying soil and onto the piers via brackets attached to the foundation.

Rapid Foundation Repair uses only the best quality products from ECP (Earth Contact Products) to guarantee your satisfaction.

We use similar products, wall anchors and helical tiebacks, to repair bowing basement walls.

Concrete Leveling

Foundations aren’t the only thing susceptible to damage from settling foundations.

All concrete slabs are susceptible to damage caused by settlement. Think of all the concrete slabs that surround your home: sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, porches, stairs.

Settlement can cause large cracks that are both unsightly and tripping hazards.

When this happens you can either replace the whole slab or take the much less expensive option: concrete leveling.

We use an expanding polyurethane foam to lift and level the concrete, removing the tripping hazard and preventing further damage to the concrete.

The foam, which we inject under the concrete, fills the problematic voids in the soil while hydraulically lifting the concrete back to level.

Professional Basement Waterproofing Gillette WY

Basement Waterproofing Gillette, WYLuckily, Wyoming is not a place that regularly deals with a lot of rain, Gillette gets about 17 inches of precipitation annually. This means that fortunately, you may not have to deal with as much water damage and may not need as much basement waterproofing as other areas.

If you do, however, we have both interior and exterior waterproofing solutions ready that can either prevent water from seeping into the basement or foundation walls (exterior waterproofing) or directing the water that seeped into the walls into a drain pipe below the floor and to a sump pump (interior waterproofing.

Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation

Moisture in your crawl space can cause a host of problems:

  • Sagging floors
  • Foundation problems
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Musty smells
  • Wood rot

You can solve this through crawl space encapsulation.

We use vapor barriers and other tools to prevent water and water vapor from seeping into not the crawl space walls but also through the grounds.

The encapsulation seals off the crawl space, preventing any moisture (or pests) from entering your crawl space.

If the moisture has caused the floor joists to rot and weaken we can also use crawl space piers to stabilize your floors.

Call Rapid Foundation Repair for All Your Foundation Needs

Whatever problem you may have Rapid Foundation Repair can help you fix it. Give us a call today! We will help you find out exactly what needs to be done to keep your house in its best shape.

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