Concrete Lifting vs. Driveway Repair

Concrete Lifting vs. Driveway Repair

poly concrete liftingCracks in your driveway are a pain for any homeowner. When you notice these unsightly cracks, the first thing you probably think about is whether you should fix the cracks and leave the rest of the driveway as-is, or replace the entire driveway completely. Lifting the cracked concrete is appealing because it won’t cost nearly as much as a replacement. But a new driveway would likely look nicer and last longer, right? What is a homeowner to do?

At Rapid Foundation Repair, we are experts in concrete lifting and can assess the situation to help you figure out which solution would work for you. Polyurethane foam is a lower-cost, permanent solution to your driveway crack issues. So before you think about replacing, consider these factors to make the best decision. 


To completely replace your driveway, you’ll need to hire someone to demolish the slab, remove it, stabilize the foundation, repair the concrete and let it cure. That kind of work will require a lot of labor and time, which means a lot of money. On the other hand, concrete lifting doesn’t require nearly as many workers to facilitate, and it can be done in a manner of hours. Lifting the concrete with polyurethane foam can be 50% less expensive than replacement, depending on the size of the driveway.

Property Impact

Driveway replacement requires heavy equipment for demolition and pouring the concrete. This means that your driveway will be completely unusable in the days this process is being done, and it will likely damage your landscaping. Since concrete lifting only takes hours from start to finish with very little equipment, your daily life will be minimally impacted. 


If the concrete slab you want to replace has a large enough crack to pose a trip hazard, it makes more sense to repair it in the shorter amount of time that poly lifting provides. Replacing the concrete can cause more safety issues with multiple people with large equipment working on your property. 

Call An Expert For Concrete Lifting

With quality products from Earth Contact Products like PolyPier, we can make sure your cracked driveway is repaired quickly without disturbing the rest of your property. In addition to driveways, we can lift patios, sidewalks, basement floors, and more. Contact us for a free quote!