Spring Thaw Can Mean Damp or Wet Crawlspaces in South Dakota

Take Action against Damp or Wet Crawlspaces in South Dakota

It is finally that time of year. Spring is so close and the temperature is rising and the snow is melting. While that’s exciting for most, it also means the possibility for wet or damp crawlspaces in South Dakota and Nebraska. When the snow melts the water may pool in your yard with no where to go. This is called yard drainage. From there it will drift toward your home and in and around your crawlspace. This can cause problems such as:Damp or wet crawlspace South Dakota

It may seem outrageous that a little water could cause so many problems, but when water takes its toll year after year, your risk for foundation failure or water damage increases. It’s not only the spring thaw that creates problems. Some other causes include:

Roof drainage: Many if not most homes have gutters that divert water right down next to the foundation. This can harm the foundation and cause many of the problems listed above.

Window wells: Some homes have window wells which can trap water right up against the foundation, leaving the water to seep through and into your crawlspace or basement.

Vegetation: This problem will lead to foundation failure and water damage. Large trees or hedges can grow roots that may crack your foundation, which in turn lets in water.

Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Solutions in South Dakota and Nebraska

These are just a few of the problems that can help push along foundation failure and water damage. Rapid Foundation can offer solutions for most of your foundation repair and waterproofing needs. Some of our products and services include:vapor barriers south dakota

The experienced team of professionals at Rapid Foundation Repair can help you identify which repairs could benefit your home. Don’t wait for foundation failure or water damage to get worse! If you ignore these problems, they will only get more severe, leading to more expensive, time-consuming, and complex repairs. Contact Rapid Foundation Repair to learn more about our top quality Earth Contact Products foundation repair and waterproofing tools, our service area, or with questions about foundation failure/repair and water damage/waterproofing. We’re here to help! Call us today.