Underground Water Displacement: Combatting Foundation Settlement

Water Expansion

underground water displacement
If you have lived in a home for a long time, foundation settlement almost seems inevitable. However, if you understand why foundation settlement occurs, then the solution seems that much simpler. You may have heard that water is the crux of many issues. Once the water has expanded underground it permeates the soil which leads to structural damage. The symptom of oversaturated soils is the consistent expansion of water. Therefore, it is highly probable that water will penetrate through weakened soil which just exacerbates the problem. Underground water displacement can help relieve that problem.

Underground Water Displacement

Because most foundation settling occurs because of settled soil due to weather patterns, it is important to displace water efficiently. This can involve drainage systems and other waterproofing methods. The goal is simple: once the water can no longer penetrate the soil and cause erosion and other soil-related problems, the soil will begin to stabilize.

How Polyurethane Foam Helps

Luckily, foundation experts understand which industry products can find solutions to your foundation problems. When it comes to underground water displacement, polyurethane foam not only displaces the sitting water, but it prevents water from permeating in the future. How? This industry-standard foam never changes its shape which restricts any groundwater from taking its place.

The Process

The process of underground water displacement is pretty simple. During the process, small diameter probes are inserted into the concrete of the foundation. Then, polyurethane foam is injected into these probes. The foam then expands throughout the voids underneath the foundation. As a result, the soil is strengthened and the water is displaced from underneath the structure of your home or business.

Rapid Foundation Repairs Has A Solution

If you believe your foundation is settling due to water absorption and soil compaction, we can help. Our polyurethane solution is fully resistant to water and will last for years to come. We service South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming.